Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Renewal

It's amazing how quickly this little hilly land can bounce back from a drought. The crunchy seared grass, shriveling trees, cracked earth -- it swells and brightens, it softens and unfurls. We've got blooms and fruit. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. That's what this land, these plants, made themselves for: to survive and thrive in our ancient weather pattern of boom and bust, drought and flood.

Rumor has it we're in for a long, cold, wet, winter. We, the plants and I, say, bring it on!


  1. How nice to get some rain again. Do you, or can you, garden in the winter time in Texas? It's so very different from Idaho.

  2. It varies across Texas -- North and West are pretty cold and have a single, shortish season. South is almost tropical -- they can grow citrus and avocado. Here in Central Texas, we can grow quite a few things year round. Some things, like indeterminate tomatoes, we can grow for 8,9, sometimes 10 months, until we get our first freeze in November (usually). Most people just have two gardens, fall and spring.

    I'm getting ready to plant our cool weather crops -- lettuces, peas, brassicas, turnips, beets, etc.