Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black Bean Chocolate Cake, Part II: A Warning

I've been making this cake for a good while now. I've made it for Widget Man and for company. I've taken it for a pot luck. I served it at a writing workshop once and people who had just met were licking their plates. In front of each other.

You'd think I'd have the recipe pretty much down by now.

You'd think.

But here's what happened. My eighty year old dad has been living with us for a little bit and he needs a fair amount of care. And I've been a fair amount of tired. But I wanted some cake! I mentioned making a cake to Widget Man and he wanted some too. So in a fit of greed and laziness, I used canned beans to make the cake. This was not my first fit of greed or laziness, and not the first time I've used canned beans for this cake either.

But this time, something went very, very wrong. So wrong that Widget Man took one bite of the cake, put his fork down, and looked at me with a very carefully neutral expression on his face. Then I took one bite and gagged. Then he felt free to make really loud gagging noises and bulge his eyes in a dramatic fashion. And I thought that was quite enough, thank you very much. No need to be rude.

The cake tasted, not to put too fine a point on it, like a big plate of crazy. I mean, not just bad, but crazy. Crazy because it was a moist, rich, chocolate cake, with icing and pecans, infused with the most intense flavor of bacon. Wait, not bacon: overwhelmingly powerful, fake bacon flavoring.

So I blame the canned beans, although the only thing on the label that looked suspicious was the word "spices." And let me reiterate that I've used canned beans before and the cake came out fine. Delicious, even.

And just in you want to use canned beans in your cake, I should tell you I've used Progresso brand beans with complete success in the past. I hate to name names but I will, for the sake of those who might want to avoid the shrieks of grief that accompany throwing an entire chocolate cake in the compost bin.


  1. Bacon and bean cake...hmm. You know, your original recipe (the non bacon version) was so good that I am always sharing the link to it. I will certainly heed your advice and remind my wife to be careful her beans don't contain any bacon.:)

  2. By the way, I love your new header picture.

  3. Thanks! I like having my old faithful wheel barrow there too. And I'm so glad ya'll like that cake recipe.

  4. thanks for the giggle! I am dying to try this recipe (sans bacon!)

  5. Heston Blumenthal would be charging a hundred quid for a cake like that in England. HIs restaurant the Fat Duck signiature is bacon and egg ice cream !!! Just came across you blog - love it added you to my bohg roll. Looking forward to reading more.

  6. Ha! So it wasn't bad cooking it was *hip* cooking!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you visited me today - I've been needing to come visit your blog! This post made me laugh out loud!! Your husband was so sweet to wait for a cue from you before he made his gagging noises... Too funny!! Did you make another cake? :) Silke

  8. Can I come over and eat at your house for a week? I promise I won't eat the kid's food - Okay, I'm lying; I probably will...