Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oak Leaf Mulch

 Here in Central Texas, oaks are the most common deciduous tree.  So we have lots of leaves and they take forever to decompose.  I've taken to using them less for compost and more for mulch for this reason.  I understand that most people shed them with a mower first but I think that step is unnecessary.  They compact pretty quickly and in the meanwhile, I'm prepared to slide around a bit.  It may be that they contain some kind of plant growth inhibitor, as juniper is rumored to contain.  Just in case, I've not ever tried oak leaf mulch around the plants themselves.  I do know that I won't have any weeds between rows this season.


  1. We have a yard full of pine trees and I use that as both a mulch and for lining the pathways. I don't bother shredding either.

  2. Leaves do make for a wonderful mulch, where we live it is the abundance of maple leaves that are used.