Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seed starting station

My husband just finished helping me build a growing station for new starts. It's from a table that has been through many transformations at our house. First it was an entrance table, then we shortened the legs and made it a sofa table. Then we moved it to my office where it held a printer and the supplies for the online book sales I used to do. Now I've moved it to the front room, by a big window. R found an old florescent fixture in the garage, which used to be installed in our rent house. The length was perfect to fit under the top of the table, where the light could shine on the seedlings below. But it was too wide so he folded back and crimped the metal edge of each side by about an inch. It's perfect now and looks really pretty. The light fixture is hidden by the sides of the top and the light adds a kind of ambient glow to the room.

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