Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Seeds Rise from the Dead!

I recall with great sadness the crop failure of a few weeks ago. Those poor, poor seeds that I baked in my hot oven, when, in a moment of forgetfulness, I preheated my oven without first removing this little tray of soil cubes and seed. It was supposed to be a safe place -- safe from drafts and marauding dogs. It was meant to have a supply of just-right heat from one tiny light bulb. It was meant to be free from drafts. It was meant to be an easy-care, space saving, out of the way place to raise little seeds from dormancy, just before placing them under a grow-light.

Instead it was a fiery inferno that melted the plastic lid on the soil holder. I couldn't really face the whole sad mess, so I just stuck what was left on the back deck, under the picnic table and tried to forget my crime.

Unbelievably, by the time I finally got around to facing my crimes, this is what I found -- a dozen or more sprouted seeds. If these guys make it to the garden, and actually produce, I will save some of these incredible resurrecting seeds to pass on.

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