Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crop Failure! Part II

Gardening When It Counts suggests that the oven is a fine place to start seeds. It's insulated, protected, and by leaving the oven light on, you end up with the perfect temp for most seeds to germinate. Of course, that small bulb does not supply nearly enough light for the plants once they sprout. So it's just for germinating, not for growing.

Sounded great to me. My start table is already full of tomato plants. I figured I'd start some basil and peppers in the oven and by the time they were germinated, my tomatoes would be ready to outside to be hardened off before planting.

A great plan. Unless *someone* decides to preheat the oven before making a frittata.

That curled plastic thingy was the clear lid for the seed starter box.

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