Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paper Vs Cloth

I bought this huge multi-pack of paper towels in November. A few weeks later, I wondered what I was doing buying something so brutal to the environment.

Then we had a houseful of family for the holidays and then our plumbing exploded. So I didn't institute any new non-paper waste plans until last month.

Still, it's been almost two months of using cloth napkins, of drying our hands with cloth, of cleaning with cloth. I do have a roll of paper towels out, but I haven't used a single one. Widget Man did forget a few times and use one or two to dry his hands. And there was a fairly unpleasant incident that had to do with dogs and a mysterious brownish smear on the floor.

But other than that, we're all cloth all the time. And we still have seven rolls of paper towels in the pantry.

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