Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tomato Starts

I've planted Mexican Midgets, tomatillo, and a new-to-me heirloom variety called (don't snort) Black Sea Man.

The Mexican Midgets are extremely vigorous looking -- strong, thick stems, lots of foliage, great looking roots. The tomatillos are strong but kind of rangy. I guess that's OK. The BSM is looking a bit weak, at least to me.

The tiny seedlings are basil, which I had pulled out of the oven starting tray right before the debacle of the crop failure. So I guess all was not lost. I planted them in some to-go-coffee cups I'd collected over the previous month (despite my resolution not to get coffee in disposable cups). They work great and dry out less frequently than the other cups. It's a perverse kind of frugality/earth-friendliness -- buy something ridiculously wasteful like a coffee in a single use cup and then use it one more time.

The red cups are left over from a party, which is yet again a perverse kind of frugality.

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