Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clean and Fresh Mosquito Repellant

Mosquito season is upon us! Not high mosquito season, no. That will come later, and we'll need a proper arsenal of citronella oil, long sleeves, and darting inside quickly at dawn and dusk.. For this light part of the season, it's been enough to put an enormous citronella plant on the back deck, and when the devil-insects start swarming, rub a leaf between hands, on faces, necks, ankles, and over hair.

By the way, I should say this plant used to be enormous. It's been plucked back, leaf by leaf, every evening, right at dusk.


  1. I remember planting something like that in the garden, but it had another name. We would just pluck a bit of it and rub all over. Had a funny smell to it tho...but who cares? As long as it kept the nasty buggers away!

  2. Yes, this does have a kind of funny scent. I think it's a type of geranium?

  3. Maybe I should pull more of my leaves - yours looks better than mine.