Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Smoothies

What's a gardener to do with an overabundance of garden greens?  Use them in salads, frittatas, omlettes, stews, and soups.  Make veggie enchiladas, tacos, and lasagnas.  

But the best, easy, fast, filling no-cook meal is a green smoothie.  This one is made with about 2 cups of cilantro, a banana, water, and ice.  Spinach makes a fantastic smoothie too.  It might look like pesto but the taste is lightly sweet and creamy.  So delicious that on weekends, when Widget Man is home in the mornings, I usually make 2 blendersful -- one for our breakfast and one that I transfer to mason jars and refrigerate for lunch or an afternoon snack.

Don't be skeptical.  I was at first and so was Widget Man.  But they taste delicious and power us through long hot days of gardening and working in the hot Texas sun.  Plus, very little clean up and no cooking to heat up the house.

You can make them sweeter by adding more fruit, if you like.  I especially like bananas and pears, because they add a creaminess.  Yogurt's good too.  And with bitter greens, a bit of lemon or anything acidic (like pineapple) cuts the sharp flavor.


  1. Hey there!
    Now a green smoothie is something I have never tried! And I've tried a lot of things. Sounds good and refreshing...spinach is one of my favorite leaf veggies, so that might be one I would try.
    How did you ever find me?

  2. So just use a regular ol' blender? Cool, I can do that!

  3. Hi Cyn!

    I don't know how I found you. I was just following links and ended up at your great site. :)

  4. Hi d.a.!
    I use a Vitamix now, which allows me to process even fibrous greens to a fine, smooth texture. But for years I just had a $49 ordinary blender, on its last legs and that worked too. :)