Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do Sentimental Gardeners Finish Last?

Garden Inventory
Six catywumpus raised beds, about 20x4
A field of raised berms,
Some fruit trees
A stretch of grape vines
A stretch of cucumber hills,
A stretch of pole beans

All within a quarter acre open field, surrounded by a deer fence.

Before I moved in, this field was already occupied by a dense system of tough native grasses, fierce pig weed, several kinds of stinging nettle, cactus, needle-thorned mesquite, and other
things that hurt very much when encountered by frail human flesh. So I should keep the whole thing mowed down, at the very least.

Here's reason number one reason I don't always do that:

Wildflowers. I just can't resist them, so I let the grasses grow far too high, until I step on a mesquite thorn that goes straight through my gardening boots, and my eyes water as I plan on mowing first thing in the morning.


  1. We had the same problem when we lived in the mountains in New Mexico. Such beautiful wild flowers, flowering cacti, tall grasses, but rather unfriendly towards humans. We kept some of it mowed, so we could plant things and let the rest grow wild for us to enjoy all the wildflowers! Good luck with the mowing... :) Silke

  2. That's my best hope -- keeping at least some of it mowed!